What should I wear?

Dress for the role you have!


“What should I wear?” is the question that often gets asked.

You have a few seconds to impress your clients with a great image that tells them who you are and what you do for a living.

Here are some tips to achieve a great result if you considering updating your Professional Headshot.

Here is a list of colors that should be avoided:

  • cream, beige, pastels, peach or yellow. They will blend your face into your clothes.
  • bright Red or Orange. These will alter your skin tone.

It’s essential to wear clothing pieces that are comfortable. Avoid discomfort that will be evident in the final product, so wear clothes that look and feel great.


Tips or men

Researchers found that formal dress raised influence more than any other factor tested. Men dressed in a light-colored button-down shirt with a dark suit jacket and tie scored better than those dressed in bright or trendy outfits.

For men, a standard business look means a traditional suit: jacket and tie combination. Men should opt for a solid colored shirt and tie along with a well-pressed dark suit. A distinct patterned tie can create a brilliant idea of creativity.


Tips for Women

Women should select a solid colored blouse.

When choosing your outfit, think about what colors bring the most attention to your eyes, although, plain colors are your best choice.

Fashion is very important but corporate photography is not about that. Makeup should be clear and natural. Avoid products that shimmer and sparkle in the photography lights.

Jewelry should be kept neat and simple. So should hairstyles. Ensure your accessories and hairstyles don’t distract from the face.

We also advise you to bring a few articles of clothing so there’s choice available during the photo shoot.


Avoid a white dress shirt. Rather, go for strong, solid colors that would guarantee you a look that is clean and professional. There is also the option of choosing a shirt similar to your skin tone:

  • light greys and light beiges blend very well with white and light tan skin
  • browns, tans, and medium greys blend well with darker skin

The key is to choose whichever shade seems to blend the best with your natural skin tone.